About Us

Sustainable Streetwear for Awesome Kiwis

HempThreads designs and manufactures 100% hemp tees to offer eco-conscious people the chance to wear a long-lasting garment that doesn’t cost the Earth to produce. We offer tees you can feel good in!

HempThreads CEO Harley Aspinall

Harley Aspinall

Nature, Fashion, Love.

I’ve been deeply involved in the New Zealand hemp industry since 2008. My family and I built HempFarm into the industry leader it is today. I created the brand aesthetic, websites, product packaging, digital marketing, photos and videos for HempFarm. I am now Chief Design Officer for HempFarm.

I ‘ve always loved creating streetwear designs, so I am passionate about developing HempThreads into New Zealand’s first hemp clothing brand.

Chris Hodgson Hemp Threads CEO

Chris Hodgson
CEO / Founder

Decisions driven by integrity

I have been involved with hemp for the last 10 years, supporting HempFarm to grow. I have been running logisitics for HempFarm for the last year, and now I’m joining Harley in managing the digital tech at HempFarm. My technical expertise are in composite technology using cutting-edge resin transfer molding techniques, which I used to develop lightweight milking platforms for Waikato Milking Systems. I am excited to see HempThreads create the chance for kiwis to make sustainable clothing choices.